Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

All children need the hope and healing of children’s hospitals. Whether they suffer from normal childhood afflictions like asthma and broken bones or fight bigger challenges like birth defects or cancer, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provide comfort, treatment and hope to millions of sick kids each year.

These kids aren’t in faraway countries or from opposite sides of the nation—they’re in your community.  They’re your neighbors, and maybe even your very own children.

When a child becomes ill or injured, a family can fall apart.  Medical bills add up, and for a family without adequate health insurance, those bills can mean years of debt.  Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provides millions of dollars in charity care to children each year—children who need it the most.

When a child needs a miracle, they need a Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

Right now, children near you are being cared for by their Children's Miracle Network Hospital.  Hearts are being healed, broken bones are being mended, and tender care is given to every child who needs it.  Children's Miracle Network Hospitals impact more children and families than any other organization. These hospitals treat all children, regardless of their condition or ability to pay.

Children’s hospitals provide $2.5 billion in uncompensated charity care every year, yet most people don’t consider these hospitals charities.  Pediatric medical care is the most expensive and specialized care in the world.  Treatments and equipment must be sized for children of all ages.  These hospitals treat every disease and injury imaginable, and yet children’s hospitals receive the least amount of government funding and support.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ commitment to you is that the money you donate will go directly to your Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. That’s been our commitment for the past 29 years—funds stay in your community to help local kids.

Children's hospitals provide the vast majority of highly specialized care for children with complex and rare conditions.  For example, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals treat 98 percent of children who need heart or lung transplants, and 88 percent of children with cancer.  But children’s hospitals aren’t just for kids with serious illnesses… they’re also for children with the most common kinds of ailments like earaches, broken bones, and asthma.  They treat all children with every kind of medical problem.

We can’t all be heart surgeons or research specialists, but we can all financially support the children’s hospitals in our communities.

It was in Children's Miracle Network Hospitals that the polio vaccine was tested, pediatric AIDS was discovered, and fetal surgery was performed—all for the very first time. These miracle milestones continue to happen at our hospitals throughout North America. They don’t just affect how we treat children today, but how they’ll be treated…and cured…for decades to come.

I want to tell you about a children’s charity right in your community.  A charity that impacts millions of lives and works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help children near you.  It’s your Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

Few people recognize a children’s hospital as a charity.  But over the years, we’ve found that nearly everyone has had a personal experience with one of these special hospitals.  Whether it’s your own child or the child of someone you know—Children's Miracle Network Hospitals touch lives in every community.

One small donation will benefit a child—not thousands of miles away, but a child in your community. A child treated at your Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

This is our promise to you.  Every dollar donated will be used to save children’s lives.  The money you donate now stays in your community.  Your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital can use it as it needs to: for charity care, for research, for equipment.

If your child was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, you’d want only the best, world-class treatment from some of the finest specialists in the country. And fortunately, you would have that—and more—right in your own community.

Whether it’s life-saving emergency services for a toddler…pediatric trauma care for a 10-year-old suffering from a devastating injury…or specialized care for a teen with a life-threatening illness—every child receives leading-edge medical care, regardless of the family’s ability to pay.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provide world-class medical care for complex healthcare needs, and a big dose of the best medicine of all—compassionate care, support and comfort for children and their families.