Frequently Asked Questions

Video Submissions

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any videos that run longer than 30 seconds when we review so we’d recommend making sure your video is just under the 30-second mark to ensure that it’s approved! Also double-check your file size to make sure it doesn’t exceed the maximum permitted size of 20 megabytes!

Yes, but we accept several types for your convenience. Video submissions will be accepted in the following video file formats: .mpg, .wmv, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .avi and .flv.

We love your enthusiasm, but the contest is only open to individual families. So, if you want to grab your family and record a 30-second video you can enter that video into the contest. Encourage your friends to get their families involved and submit a family video as well!

Thanks for submitting your entry – we’re glad you want to dance with us this year! You should have received an email confirming your successful video submission. Once submitted, we review all entries within 24 hours before they are posted live on the contest website to ensure they meet the contest requirements. Once your video is approved, you will receive a second email from the Family Dance-off team confirming that your video has been approved and is live on the contest website, along with a direct link to your video’s unique landing page. You can then share your unique link with your family and friends to make voting easy!

They sure don’t – you keep your votes for the duration of the complete general voting period! We’ve had families submit videos in the last week of the general voting period and become finalists so uploading early doesn’t necessarily give you an advantage – it’s all about rocking the vote!

Hospital selections are automatically determined by proximity of the participant’s home address to their nearest Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Unfortunately, the Family Dance-off is unable to make exceptions. Remember, all Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are in great need of these donations and since these unrestricted donations directly help local children in need, no matter the hospital, it’s the children that are the real winners!


Only one vote will be permitted per IP address per calendar day based on Eastern Standard Time. Voting is restricted by the IP address that connects to If voters are utilizing a private network, they will share the same public IP address as others also using the same private network. This includes wireless routers or “hot spots.” You can check your public IP address using various tools, including, to determine if voters are sharing the same IP address. Possible solutions may include encouraging your contacts to vote from their mobile device using their cellular network, which would mean they will have to manually turn off their mobile wifi hotspot, or encouraging them to vote from home. Not to worry as you’ve got four weeks of general voting – please visit the contest website each day to place your vote!

We cannot place votes via email for videos. If you are having technical difficulties with the website in placing your one vote for the day, it is likely that someone else at your IP address has already placed a vote. If you have any concerns, please click the Feedback Button to email the Family Dance-off team for technical assistance.

QR voting should be relatively easy – scan the code on the family’s flier with your smart phone and when their webpage comes up, simply click the vote button. If it’s telling you that you’ve already voted today, it may be that your mobile device is connecting to through a public IP address on which someone else has already voted. Try switching off your wifi and connect to the internet through your mobile provider, or when you’re at home. We also recommend checking to make sure that your QR code reader on your mobile device is working properly – try scanning another code.

Weekly Finalists

If you become a weekly finalist, a member of the Family Dance-off team will be in contact with you via email and telephone to discuss the next steps. Please do not reach out directly to your children’s hospital as we do have a formal process in place to help families prepare for the March 26-30 Finalist Voting period!